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Hume - Wyfe EP

This is an EP Hume recorded after the Phat Daughter String Quartet album. It's a bit proggier!

Horses - 4 5 6 7 EP + Bonus Tracks

Horses was a band formed by Dan, Hugh, and Mike from Black Eyes and Fiona from Et At It in 2004. These are their only recordings. Four tracks appeared on a CD-R EP sold on a short weekend tour  with Q and not U, Food For Animals, and Manhunter.
The other three tracks are unreleased.

A.K.A. Harlot #1 Split 7" With The Better Automatic

A.K.A. Harlot #1 Featured Hugh and Saran from Equinox, and Sara and Ginger who both played on a record Ginger Made with Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn in 2003 (which is great, check it out). They had a brief reunion when The No-Gos played with Ginger and Sara's band Boys of Now in 2000 after Saran and Hugh were recording vocals for "Sphere of Light" on the Equinox EP but these songs were recorded in 1996.

The Vestpocket Psalm "Overstroked" and "Ophelia"

From a basement recording session that Hugh engineered in we think 1996.

Exaspirin - Invisible City Sessions Spring of 1999

Exaspirin was the band Kevin, Matt, Wells, and Hugh were in before Early Humans (Kevin, Matt, Wells) and The No-Gos (Hugh) happened. These sessions were recorded by Michael and Sean (Hey Mercedes, Sheilbound, The Divine Invasion, Sean and Ian) at Invisible City in Cleveland, OH in the spring of 1999.


Sentai, Live in Japan, Shinjuku Jam, 11-18-06