Welcome to Swim-Two-Birds

This page is very much under construction but contains some basic information. Look for updates throughout the Fall and Winter.

Swim-Two-Birds is a small recording studio in Washington, DC. Currently we offer analog and digital tracking and mixing services and 1/2" 8 track analog-to-digital transfers at up to 24bit/48k.

Soon to be added or repaired are a 1" 8 track and a 1" 16 track at which time we will have the capacity to to 16 track Transfers at the same bit depth and sample rate.

Bands/musicians who have recorded here include:

The Max Levine Ensemble
Lida Husik and Soma Allpass
Dimitra Stankovich
The Stabs
The Antiques
Hand Fed Babies
The Cornel West Theory
Exactly What
Hume/The Phat Daughter String Quartet
Girl Loves Distortion
Cataract Camp
Black Eyes
Shame Girl
Hot War
Bird Noises*
Must Love Trash*
Baby Killer Estelle*
Ghost Light*

*Project begun at Inner Ear Studio and continued at Swim-Two-Birds

Contact Hugh McElroy: ruffian [a] ruffianrecords [d] com