The No-Gos

The No-Gos formed in the summer of 1999 as Hugh and Mike's bands,
 Exaspirin and The Better Automatic, respectively, were dissolving.
 Jacob's band, the Last Seconds Of, was still going strong but would soon
find two of its members (Jacob included) in the Rapture. The four, who would
all later play in Black Eyes, drifted from the percussion-based premise the
band had theoretically started from and ended up playing various types of
weird, dissonant rock music. Shows with Girls Against Boys, Faraquet,
and practice-space-mates Q and not U followed, along with a cassette
EP and a number of 7" tracks. The band broke up after two shows
(with BOHICA, Early Humans, and S PRCSS, among others) during
Hugh's winter holiday from graduate school in England. Their last recordings,
including "Young Ironists", hint at the rhythm-heavy approach of early Black Eyes.